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Red Light Therapy Testimonial

Today I went in and I had my first 30 minute session of Red Light Therapy at Palleviate. The focus was on my feet, which has had cracking and peeling from psoriasis. However, I have had a long time swelling on the top of my foot from a break several years ago.

It was comfortable laying on the bed for the session. No issues at all. 

The cracking was much less painful after my session, but the biggest difference was in the swelling from the break. I was pain-free there for the first time since I can remember. I even noticed the difference before I got up.

 Its now 2 hours later and I feel I can get up and dance. Still no pain at all…and that’s after just one session. 

I would highly recommend anyone in similar discomfort and pain like I have been to give Red Light Therapy at Palleviate at try. I’m glad I did.

Anna C