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Certificate of Quality Assurance and Third-Party Lab Results

All of Palleviate's broad spectrum CBD oil products are third-party lab tested to ensure the highest quality product and 0.0% THC. All full spectrum CBD oil products contain 0.3% THC.

To view lab results for your Palleviate products, check the bottom of your product bottle, where you'll find the product's lot number. Then, find this number under the appropriate product listed below and click on the link to view the lab results.

Results include information about the manufacture date, consistency, color, potencies, terpenes as well as other materials like pesticides and heavy metals. 


CBD Oil Tinctures - Lab Results

Full Spectrum Key Lime, 450mg, 0.3% THC 

  • Lot Number: OFTKL450- 200921A (10/20)

 Broad Spectrum Tranquil Mint, 450mg, 0.0% THC 

  • Lot Number: OTM450-201013D (10/2)

 Broad Spectrum Orange, 900mg, 0.0% THC

  • Lot Number: OTO900- 201013H (10/20)

CBD Softgels - Lab Results

10mg Softgels:

25mg Softgels:

CBD Softgels with Melatonin - Lab Results

25mg Softgels:

  • Lot Number: T194 (07/19)
  • Lot Number: T222 (09/19)
  • Lot Number: T272 (10/19)
  • Lot Number: T336 (10/19)
  • Lot Number: 2016801 (06/20)
  • Lot Number: 2017701 (07/20)
  • Lot Number: 20231A (08/20)
  • Lot Number: 20258A (09/20)

CBD Softgels with Curcumin - Lab Results

25mg Softgels:

CBD Gummies - Lab Results

CBD Salve - Lab Results


CBD Salve Stick - Lab Results

  • Lot Number: 9304A (11/19)
  • Lot Number: 9340A (12/19)
  • Lot Number: 9346A (12/19)
  • Lot Number: 0119A (04/20)
  • Lot Number: 0120A (04/20)

CBD Sports Cream - Lab Results

500mg Copaiba Balm - Lab Results

Fizzy Discs & Mani/Pedi Fizzies

CBD Dog Chews - Lab Results

CBD Pet Tincture - Lab Results

50mg Pet Balm - Lab Results

CBD Pet Kisses - Lab Results

Vape Cartridges- Lab Results